Update: I have now set up a modified workshop in a small corner of the sitting room! We have moved to Stroud and living temporarily in my daughter's house for several months.

Next summer we are hoping to move into a lovely ECO house that we are building here.

Sadly most of my beads will have to stay in storage until then.

The website is now open and I will carry on making a limited amount of jewellery.

Please don't desert me!

For the last 30 years I have been buying silver, some old, some new. From souks in Oman, sitting on a dusty floor and excitedly sifting through piles of old silver tipped out of sacks, to a tiny workshop at the top of some ancient stone steps in the Khan El Khalil in Cairo. To me, silver is more beautiful than gold, so soft to feel and easy to wear. Yes, you have to polish it, but the joy of transforming a dirty tarnished piece of silver to me is magical!

Most of the bracelets I have made up with all sorts of exciting beads, some old trading beads, others new, mixed with various silver beads, again some old, some new. The silver bangles/bands are almost all old Bedouin bracelets from Egypt, Oman, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

  • Zuwaina

  • Shanti

  • Safia

  • Antiope

  • Persephone

  • Halima

  • Yusra

  • garnet

  • Terpsichore

  • Anubis

  • Saffiyah

  • Khasab

  • Habibi

  • Maya

  • Erato

  • Emily

  • Sana

  • mali

  • Sofia


Over the years I have collected a number of very old, beautiful, hand-made silver bracelets, from Egypt, the Arabian peninsula and Asia; most of these lovely old designs are now increasingly hard to find. A few of these are now for sale in the bracelet section.