For anyone new to the website I am working from a diminished stock as everything is in storage while we are living in temporary accomodation while building a passivehaus in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The last time I wrote with information about my current situation was in March! I'm so sorry I'm so bad at communicating, definitely not my best skill!

It has been very frustrating waiting for the new house to be built, the usual delays plus Brexit, plus Covid etc. It is so nearly ready but we won't be moving in until the beginning of October. This means that my stock of made items is dwindling, and I am unable to make many new pieces until I'm in my new workshop with all my stock of beads and silver unpacked! I will then be ready and keen to get creating!

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


I have been buying silver, some old, some new. From souks in Oman, sitting on a dusty floor and excitedly sifting through piles of old silver tipped out of sacks, to a tiny workshop at the top of some ancient stone steps in the Khan El Khalil in Cairo. To me, silver is more beautiful than gold, so soft to feel and easy to wear. Yes, you have to polish it, but the joy of transforming a dirty tarnished piece of silver to me is magical!

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